Current Studies Sponsor

$200.00 / month

As a Sponsor you are donating an additional $100 per month to the development and administration cost associated with our Current Studies program and Millennium Bible Studies.

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Online Studies Sponsor is a subscription service provided for those who would like to participate and/or are unable to participate at one of our on-site campus sessions or want to add the online features to your on-site experience. Features of this service include access to view or listen to all current study sessions via audio and/or video, download notes and handouts and participate in the Online Study Forum discussions.

Each Online Study Subscriber receives discounts in the Archived Studies area. As each study closes and is migrated to our Archived Studies, you will receive a 50% discount on downloaded products for that study for 60 days. In addition, all download purchases in the Archived Studies are available with a 15% discount.

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