Dr McDaniel

Michael McDaniel is a co-founder and president of Millennium Bible Institute. He received his doctorate in Biblical Studies from Pacific International University of St. Louis, Missouri, and is a native of Louisiana. Dr. McDaniel currently resides in Imperial, TX with his wife, Billie.

Dr. McDaniel is a featured lecturer in the Schools of Biblical Studies, Eschatology, and Theological Studies at the Millennium Bible Institute campus'.

An ordained minister, author, student, and teacher of biblical studies, Dr. McDaniel brings the teachings of the Lord to life and allows people to understand how they effect their lives.

Dr. McDaniel has written Rightly Dividing the Word, Essential Truths of God's Word; Revelation, A Study on the book of Revelations; and Judging Angels, Everything you don't know about Angels. He has also co-authored Alien Agenda with Dr. Aaron Judkins, which was written to present a biblical view of one of the most widespread, and yet unexplained phenomena of our time. Each of these books give insight into the Bible, life and science and how these things are intertwined and cohesively exist.