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The fifteen courses in the School of Theology address foundational doctrinal issues that pertain specifically to us today as members of the body of Christ. Level One consists of seven courses and MBI recommends that they be studied in the order they are presented. Level Two consists of eight courses. We have included a brief description of each course.
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SoT Descriptions

Level One includes the following courses: • Rightly Dividing the Word • The Bible • The Biblical Timeline • Jew and Gentile • Godliness • Advanced Godliness • Our Ambassadorship
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Eight lessons which equip believers to handle the Bible the way God intended. The doctrine of right division will explain “alleged” contradictions in the Bible. This study is the single most important doctrinal issue for properly understanding or teaching the word of God.
Six lessons which cover foundational doctrines about the Bible, such as: God’s perspective of the Scriptures; the completeness of the Scriptures; the inspiration and preservation of the Scriptures. In this study, a number of difficult passages are explained.
Two lessons on how to draw a basic timeline which includes some of the major Bible events. Scripture references, dates and details are given for each biblical event. This basic timeline includes the Creation, Noah’s flood, Abraham, David, the Crucifixion of Jesus, the Mystery Program, the Blessed Hope (Rapture), Daniel’s 70th Week (Tribulation), the Second Advent of Jesus Christ, the Battle of Armageddon, the Millennial Kingdom, the Last Great Battle, the Bottomless Pit, the New Heavens and the New Earth and Eternity Future.
Four lessons which explain the differences between God’s program with the nation of Israel and His program with the body of Christ. The beginning of each program is identified along with God’s eternal purpose for each program. This study contains, among other things, details concerning the “Last Days,” an explanation of the commissions given at the end of the four gospels and the difference between the gospel of the kingdom and the gospel of the grace of God.
Four Sessions that teach the thing which matters the most to God. Godliness is the reason God sent His Son and saved us from our sins when we trusted Christ as our Savior. This study will point out the differences between righteousness and godliness and why it is critical to know the difference. Learn the three components to godliness and how they have a bearing on what we will be doing in eternity.
Two Sessions which focus on the edification of the believer. This study reveals that our edification unto godliness can only take place by the effectual working of God’s word in our inner man. This course of study explains that the process whereby our minds are renewed (Romans 12:1-2) and we are conformed to the image of God’s Son; qualifying us to labor with our heavenly Father throughout eternity.
Eight sessions which equip us to be ambassadors of Jesus Christ. This study explains how our sanctification provides for us to be faithful ambassadors along with learning the two aspects to our ambassadorship. There is more to our ambassadorship than simply witnessing to the unsaved; learn what else we are privileged to participate in as ambassadors for Christ.
Level Two includes the following courses: • The Adoption of Sons • The Power of the Crucifixion • The Power of God & Prayer • The Power of God & Suffering • The Power of God • Our Identity in Christ • The Dispensation of Grace • The Blessed Hope
Two sessions which explain one of the most exciting doctrines in all of the Bible. Learn the difference between biblical adoption and “Western” style adoption and why it is important. Adoption is the key to what believers will be doing throughout eternity.
Eight sessions which give the details of the battle which took place between Satan and Jesus during the crucifixion. Learn what Satan was trying to do and witness the great victory that Jesus won on the Cross.
This is the first in a series of studies that explain the various aspects of God’s power. These four sessions focus on the connection between God’s power and our prayer lives.
This is the second in the series of studies concerning various aspects of the power of God. Learn important details concerning the issues of chastisement and the sufferings of this present time and what God expects from us in response to our sufferings. This study answers the question, “Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?”
This is the third in our series of studies concerning the various aspects of God’s power. These two sessions concern the power of God as it pertains to our identity in Jesus Christ. This is the key to having the power of God at work in us on a daily basis.
Ten sessions which explain one of the most important doctrines for every believer to learn. This study explains how to live out of the power of God’s grace, how to overcome sin in your life, how to produce righteousness which God is well pleased with and the component parts our justification, sanctification and exaltation. The importance of this doctrine cannot be over-emphasized. This doctrine is critical for any believer who has a genuine desire to live for God.
Two sessions which explain the time in which we are living right now as it pertains to what God is accomplishing in the world. This study points out how God dealt with men differently in past and will deal with them differently again in the future after the rapture. This study also shows what God is (and is not) doing today and explains why He is doing so. This doctrine is so important that there is an aspect of Satan’s policy of evil to keep believers from discovering the truth about the time in which we are presently living.
Five sessions that explain the event which is commonly referred to as “the Rapture.” The book of Titus calls this event the Blessed Hope. In this study, you will learn about the event of the Blessed Hope and what to expect after it has happened
The three courses in the School of Biblical Studies address foundational doctrinal issues that pertain specifically to God’s program with the nation of Israel. Level One consists of one course titled: God’s Plan and Purpose for Israel. This has to do with Israel prior to the Cross. Level Two is comprised of two courses: Israel’s Extension of Mercy and Israel’s Prophetic Future. MBI recommends that these courses be studied in the order they are presented. We have included a brief description of each course.

SBS Descriptions

God’s Plan and Purpose for Israel – Twenty sessions that cover an overview of Israel’s history as it runs from Genesis to Malachi. The important element of this course of study is to become familiar with the courses of punishment as presented in Leviticus 26. This information will be foundational to understanding what God is doing with Israel at any point along the timeline.
Level 2 includes the following courses: • Israel’s Extension of Mercy • Israel’s Prophetic Future
Eight sessions which focus on the year following the Cross in which God extends to the nation of Israel three opportunities to repent concerning Jesus being the prophesied Christ of Israel. This course explains the action taking place in the opening chapters of the book of Acts.
Sixteen sessions which provide an overview of the books of Hebrews to Revelation.
The School of Theology is comprised of two courses of study which pertain to Bible Prophecy; one in Level One and one in Level Two. MBI recommends that they be studied in the order they are presented. We have included a brief description of each course.

SoE Descriptions

Forty-two sessions on the book of Revelation. Included is an overview of the book of Zechariah which is necessary for a full appreciation of the events in Revelation.
Twenty-four sessions on the book of Daniel. Daniel has been called “the Key to Revelation.” This study will chart out the prophecies in the book of Daniel.
Forty-four sessions on the opening five chapters of the book of Romans. This study includes subjects such as how to witness to people who reject the gospel, the three components of your justification which was given to you the moment you trusted Christ as your Savior, the evidence that we are saved by grace through faith without works of any kind at any time, and the five proofs that our justified status in Christ is permanent and we cannot lose it under any conditions.
Forty-six sessions which cover the material from Romans 6:1 to Romans 8:13. This study covers subjects such as: how to overcome sin, the first two components of your sanctification which were given to you the moment you trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior, how to live out of the power of God’s grace, the doctrine of your functional life in Christ, what it means to walk after the Spirit and how to do it. This study reveals the one thing that almost every Christian does in order to live for God and why it is completely wrong!
One hundred twenty-two sessions on the third and final component of your sanctification in Christ. This study covers the material in Romans 8:14-15. It includes the issue of your adoption, how your adoption pertains to godliness, the difference between being a “son” and a “child” of God, and how your heavenly Father intends to train you to work with Him throughout eternity.
Sessions that introduce us to the doctrine contained in Romans.

SE Descriptions

Fifty-seven sessions that introduce us to: the very first things God expects us to do in the heavenly places, the two inheritances we are offered and the difference between them, identifying “the creature” and what it is waiting to see in us, explaining a particular kind of suffering and how we are supposed to respond to it, a promise that God makes to us about something He will do for us in eternity. This study covers the doctrine contained in Romans 8:16-25.
Twenty-six sessions on the kind of prayer that God is waiting to hear from us – and it is not what you think. This study explains why Romans 8: 26 can say to every one of us that we do not know what to pray for and how to fix that. This study pertains to the doctrine in Romans 8:26-27.
Thirty-two sessions which instruct us concerning a second aspect of suffering; an aspect that only a few, dedicated sons and daughters of God will endure. This study reveals the progressive attacks of the Adversary, how to deal with them, and what we should expect as a result of being in the battle against him. This study covers the doctrine contained in Romans 8:28-39.
Twenty-two sessions which address the doctrinal issue of the dispensational change when God interrupted His program with Israel in order to bring about His program with the “one new man.” This covers the doctrine contained in Romans 9:1 – 11:36.
Sessions which cover the doctrine in Romans in depth.

RE Descriptions

Eight sessions which cover the doctrine in Romans 12:1-2. This study focuses on the checkpoint which will indicate whether or not you are ready to proceed with your education as an adopted son of your heavenly Father.
Twenty six sessions which cover the foundational doctrine which will conform us to the image of God’s Son. This is the beginning of our education as sons which will transform us by teaching us to love like our heavenly Father. This study covers the doctrine in Romans 12:3-8.
Thirty-two sessions which cover additional aspects of our Father’s godly wisdom, which He wants installed in us. This study covers the doctrine contained in Romans 12:9-16.
Five Sessions which cover the doctrine contained Romans 12:17-21. This begins the instruction in godly justice which is the second decision-making skill for a son.
Seven session which cover the doctrine in Romans 13:1-7. This study continues the instruction in godly justice.
Four sessions which cover the doctrine in Romans 13:8-10, which is the start of our instruction in the sonship decision-making skill of judgment.
Seventy-four sessions which pertain to Romans 13:11-12; a continuation of our instruction in godly judgment. This study focuses on identifying Satan’s works of darkness and the armor of light which the believer is to “put on.” Please note, the doctrine as a whole is contained in Romans 13:11-14, but we stopped at the end of verse 12 in order to go back and do a review of the doctrine. Therefore, the next courses comprise the Sonship Review.
Sonship doctrines in Romans. As it turned out, there was additional information in every part of the review which was not covered in the original sessions.

SR Descriptions

This is a review of the doctrine of our justification which runs twenty-six sessions. As it turned out, there was additional information in every part of the review which was not covered in the original sessions.
This is a review of the doctrine of our sanctification. This study not only served as a review, but also contains material that was not covered in the original sessions.
This is a single session review of Sonship Oreintation.
This is a review of Sonship Establishment, part one. This review contains a good bit of additional information to the original.
This is a review of Sonship Establishment, part two. It contains information not contained in the original sessions.
Twenty-eight sessions, this is a review of Sonship Establishment, part three. It also contains information that is not found in the original sessions.
Fifty-six session that review Sonship Establishment, part four; the Dispensational Change. There is a large amount of new information contained in this course of the review.
This is a continuation of a review of Sonship Establishment, part four; the Dispensational Change. This review contains quite a lot more information than the original.
These are various studies that are not part of the Bible Institute’s courses of study, but may be of interest for those who study the Bible. There are no graduation certificates for these studies and no notes are available at this time. In the future, some of the larger studies may be put into book form and they will be made available at that time.

BBS Descriptions

One session that focuses on what things are like in the third heaven. You may be surprised to see what heaven looks like, but also how the angels are functioning up there. Industry, agriculture, military; it is all part of what is going on in the heaven where God’s presence is manifested.
Four sessions that cover Acts 2-7, the interlude of mercy in Israel’s program. This study identifies the three miraculous opportunities given to Israel in order to convince them that Jesus of Nazareth was the prophesied Christ of Israel and much more.
Edification is essential to every believer in either program. It is the means by which we are “built up” in the faith. In both His prophetic program with Israel and His mystery program with the body of Christ, God means for His people to be edified. This study focuses on how Israel was edified in distinction to how we are edified.
Six sessions which focus upon the eternal glory that is offered to us because of our enduring a particular kind of suffering. This is connected to our “joint-heir” inheritance and is a subject that most believers hear very little about.
This study details how God intends for us to use grace to deal with sin in our lives. While a man may overcome sin by sheer force of his will, God has made the only provision by which we overcome sin by His grace, not our self-righteousness which God rejects.
This study covers the material in Matthew’s gospel; chapters one and two. It details three categories of proofs by which Jesus of Nazareth is shown to be, beyond any shadow of a doubt and from Israel’s own Scriptures, the Messiah of Israel. Included in these are topics are discussions of various issues such as the star prophecy. What was the star which the wise men from the East followed? How did they know to look for it? The Bible shows us this was not the lining up of the planets or the retrograde of one of the stars, but rather the “star” that led the wise men was something that God especially prepared for the event of the birth of His Son into the world. This and much more in this study.
This study focuses on the significance of the Sabbath and especially what was supposed to happen on the earth the second Sabbath after God created man. Details concerning the work of Satan in the garden are covered along with an explanation of why God allowed Satan to do what he did. The principle of the second Sabbath will eventually have its fulfillment at the end of God’s program with Israel.
This study was originally filmed as an answer to the objection that the ministry of Jesus was primarily to the people of Israel and not to Gentiles. In Matthew chapter 10, when Jesus commissioned His disciples, He commanded them not to go to the Gentiles with their gospel message, but to go only to the people of Israel. But in His earthly ministry, Jesus actually ministered to two Gentiles. Who were these two Gentiles and why did Jesus make an exception for them? Did Jesus violate His own command by dealing with these Gentiles? Why didn’t Jesus deal with Gentiles as a whole? This study explains the reasons for the division between Jews and Gentiles during Israel’s program and why Jesus made these two exceptions.
This study addresses one of the most misunderstood doctrines in the Bible. Are spiritual gifts in operation today? Why did God give those gifts and what was each gift designed to do? Which gifts were meant to be used inside the church and which ones were to be used outside the church? What was the “more excellent way” that Paul talked about in connection with these gifts? How were the Corinthians misusing the gifts? This study answers these questions and gives us a full appreciation for what God designed the spiritual gifts to do.
This study was also referred to as “What in the World is Satan Doing.” These twenty-one sessions expose Satan’s most successful and most undetected tactics, which he is using today among believers. What are “doctrines of devils” and how are they promoted by well-meaning believers? What is Satan’s Plan of Evil and how does it differ from his “Policy of Evil?” Answers to this and much more in this study. Follow Paul’s teachings as he gives us a peek behind the scenes of what Satan is engaged in today.
Eight sessions that come out of something the apostle Paul wrote in Romans 9:4. This often overlooked issue of Israel’s glory is the subject of this study and what you see in God’s word pertaining to Israel’s future glory will amaze you. The final part of the study looks at the parallel issue of the glory that is waiting for us as members of the body of Christ.
This study looks at the place where the body of Christ will spend eternity; the heavenly places. Through this study we will gain an appreciation for what is seen and we will be educated regarding that which is not seen. Explore the seen and unseen realms where God plans to restore righteousness. This study has to do with God’s plan to restore righteousness in the heavenly places and what our role will be in connection with that.
There is a central thread that connects everything written in your Bible; something that demonstrates that the Bible is not just a bunch of unconnected stories, but that it is actually one overarching story with two parts to it. How does Israel’s crossing of the Red Sea connect with the Cross? What does David slaying Goliath have to do with the set up the kingdom in Israel? Learn all about this exciting truth in The Main Storyline of the Bible.
This study takes each of the seven major feast days given to Israel and show how they have been (or will be) fulfilled in Jesus Christ. There is prophetic significance to events that have yet to be fulfilled. Learn about the various numbers of days listed in the book of Daniel and how to apply them to Israel’s prophetic timeline.
We are saved by grace and we have a standing in grace, therefore, it is important for us to understand what grace does for us now that we are saved. Grace is more than unmerited favor, it is a power we are to live out of in our daily lives. This study focuses on this much neglected aspect of grace.
Was Christ crucified on Friday? Not according to the Scriptures. This study will take you through the verses and reveal that Jesus was crucified on a Wednesday (not Friday) and was raised from the dead on the first day of the week (Sunday). Count down the days and then the hours leading up to His death and subsequent resurrection.
This study details the three biblical aspects of the kind of commitment needed in order to be properly educated as an adopted son or daughter and equipped to labor with your heavenly Father in eternity.
This study will unlock one of the most difficult books in the Bible; Ecclesiastes. You will wonder at the wisdom that God gave to Solomon to expose every false world view and you will learn how the book of Ecclesiastes may be instrumental at the resumption of Israel’s program. An eye-opening study of the worldly counterfeits to God’s wisdom.