Statement of Faith

We teach that salvation is by grace through faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We teach the inspiration of the scriptures and their preservation in the 1611 King James Authorized Version of the Bible.

We believe the Bible we teach from is the inerrant, eternal, infallible word of the living God, without mixture of error.

Therefore, every course of study is based solely and entirely on the word of God.

We believe and teach the fundamentals of the faith: that Jesus Christ is God, the Son, and the second person of the Godhead; that he was born of a virgin; that, while human, he was also God manifest in the flesh; that he died a vicarious death on the cross; that it is his blood alone that cleanses us from sin; and that he rose bodily from the dead.

Millennium Bible Institute follows the evidence of a pre-tribulation rapture and a pre-millennium second advent.

We hold to a literal interpretation of the scriptures except where the scriptures themselves demonstrate otherwise.

We believe that the scriptures are the final court of appeal in matters of faith and practice and that there is no higher authority for the believer.

Therefore, we take every word of the Bible to be true and accurate.

As a commitment to the word of God and those who study with us, not one single time will we ever correct the Bible in our courses of study.

True to the motto above our crest, the stance taken at Millennium Bible Institute is strictly “Sola Scriptura.”

Millennium Bible Institute is dedicated to the preaching of the revelation of the mystery and accompanying doctrines of grace.