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Bare Bones Bible Study Series

The Bare Bones Bible Study Series presents Bible studies on various subjects.  The titles serve as a description of what is contained in each study.

The Riches of God’s Grace  (1 hour) – $10.00

Dealing with Adversity  (3 hours) (audio only) $30.00

The Heavenly Places, Part 1  (2 hours) – $20.00

The Heavenly Places, Part 2  (2 hours) – $20.00

The Heavenly Places, Pt. 3  (not yet available)

The Heavenly Places, Pt. 4  (not yet available)

What in the World is Satan Doing?  (11 hours) – $110.00

The Sabbath and Israel  (2 hours) – $20.00

The Main Storyline of the Bible  (3 hours) – $30.00

Jesus and the Centurion  (1 hour) – $10.00

A Glimpse of Heaven  (1 hour) $10.00

What Grace Provides  (1 hour) – $10.00

Grace and Sin  (1 hour) – $10.00

The Lord’s Table  (1 hour) – $10.00

Spiritual Gifts (5 hours) – $50



  1. Tom Blanchard

    I would like to purchase the study on The Lords Table. How do I go about getting that.

    tom blanchard
    275 3rd ave
    Newport, mn

  2. nola

    I would like to purchase the entire Bare Bones Series, which I have calculated to cost $290.00
    I would appreciate it if you could send me the details of how to process the order since there is no
    shopping cart to go to on this website.

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