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Rightly Dividing the Word

Paperback Book

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Is the Bible Confusing for You?

The doctrine of right division is one of the most important doctrines you will ever learn, and yet it is one of the most overlooked.  This book will equip you to properly handle the word of God and locate all the books in your Bible as to their intended application.  This book contains the single most essential doctrine for understanding your Bible.  The Bible will open up for you like never before!

Chapter titles include:
1) Apparent Contradictions
2) Two Distinct and Separate Programs
3) Paul’s Unique Apostleship
4) Distinguishing the Audiences
5) The Earthly Ministry of Jesus
6) Discerning the Gospels
7) Discerning the Doctrines
8) The Extension of Mercy
9) The Suspension of Israel’s Program
10) Bringing It All Together
We are very excited about finally getting this into print. If you have ever wanted to introduce someone to the doctrine of Right Division, this would make a perfect gift.

$20.00 US

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