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School of Biblical Studies

Level One

The School of Biblical Studies contains courses of study that mainly pertain to God’s program with Israel.  These courses will orient you to the doctrines and the books in your Bible that were written specifically to Israel, in the time of their program (in “time past”).

Level 1 contains two courses of study.  We suggest that you follow the order of the levels within each school and the order of the courses within each level. These courses address the fundamental doctrines that must be in place in order to gain a full appreciation and understanding of your Bible.

Level 1 Courses:

  • God’s Plan & Purpose for Israel
  • Israel’s Extension of Mercy


SBS – 101

God’s Plan & Purpose for Israel– (10 discs) – $100.00

For a proper understanding of your Old Testament, the importance of this study cannot be overstated.  This course will educate you in the 5 Courses of Punishment that God set forth to Moses as He laid out the entire history of the nation of Israel in advance.  Critical connections between passages in Leviticus and Deuteronomy with the rest of your Bible will be made clear.  This study answers the question of why God brought the nation of Israel into being in the first place and what His eternal intentions with that nation are.  This study is survey in nature, but provides a proper foundation for understanding what God has been doing and why He has been doing it.

You will learn of the “interlude of mercy” during the reigns of David and Solomon; but this is not just a history lesson.  This is not to be seen as just some kind of “survey of the Old Testament.”  There is much more than that going on in this course of study.

This study also contains charts and diagrams that will help you place every single book in the Old Testament on a timeline of historical and prophetic events.  This study will change the way you look at the Old Testament and the way you study your Bible.


SBS – 102

Israel’s Extension of Mercy (4 discs) – $40.00

Most people view the Cross as the end of God’s dealings with the nation of Israel. It was not. God, in accordance with the prayer of Jesus (while He was on the Cross), gave an extension of time to the nation of Israel so they could repent and believe that Jesus of Nazareth was their Christ. You will see that this period of time, under the administration of the Holy Spirit, was predicted by the prophets.

This course covers the events in that extension of mercy, which are recorded in Acts 1-8 in your Bible. In those chapters, you will see that the nation of Israel and, in particular, her leaders, are given 3 honest opportunities to change their minds regarding their belief concerning Jesus. You will see the increasingly hostile reaction of Israel’s religious leaders toward each of these opportunities as well as the miracles that accompanied each one.

This study shows you where in your Bible, when, and why God interrupted His program with Israel, and what He did immediately following that interruption. Whether you know it or not, that information is of vital importance and relevance to you!

Knowledge of Acts 1-8 is essential to an understanding of what God was doing, and this understanding will open up the book of Acts like never before. This course explains the “blasphemy against the Holy Ghost” and “the unpardonable sin.” There has been much confusion and error generated over these issues. This study will show you what those are, explain why a present day believer in Jesus Christ cannot under any circumstances, commit those sins. There is essential and critical doctrine in this survey of Israel’s Extension of Mercy which should not be overlooked by any serious student of the Bible.

Level Two

Level 2 contains 1 course of study.  We suggest that you study the courses in the order they are presented. These courses address the fundamental doctrines that must be in place in order to gain a full appreciation for understanding your Bible.

Level 2 Course:

  • Israel’s Prophetic Future


SBS – 201

Israel’s Prophetic Future – (14 discs) – $140.00

This course of study includes a survey of the books of Hebrews through Revelation.  It shows the resumption of God’s program with Israel, following the removal of the body of Christ at the event of the Blessed Hope. This study covers the specific instructions given to the Lord’s “little flock,” the members of the believing remnant of Israel, as to what they absolutely must not do once that program is resumed.

This course deals with some of the issues that have caused great confusion in the Bible, such as why Paul says that Abraham was justified by faith without works, and James says that Abraham was justified by works.

We also cover the difficult passage in Hebrews 6 where some teach that a man can lose his salvation as well as the “tests” that John gives to discern a true believer from those who are “wolves in sheep’s clothing.” All this and more in this study.

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    I would like to purchase all the class notes and outline for the study of edification justification and sanctification The study of omans. If possible would like also an other Pauline letters..

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