Live classes in the Sonship Edification curriculum are conducted year-round in Monahans and Glen Rose, Texas, and are available online and free of charge on our sister website, Other MBI curriculum may be taken via correspondence course, and are available on DVD or Audio CD. All courses are accompanied by notes. Students must successfully complete examinations covering levels one and two coursework to receive certificates. CLICK HERE TO ENROLL NOW

 School of Biblical Studies

God’s Plan & Purpose For Israel Repentance To Israel
(20 sessions) (8 sessions)
Israel’s Prophetic Future
(16 sessions)

School of Eschatology

Revelation Daniel
(42 sessions) (20 sessions)

School of Theology
Course Descriptions (pdf)
Level One – Level Two

Rightly Dividing the Word The Adoption of Sons
(8 sessions) (2 sessions)
The Biblical Timeline The Power of the Crucifixion
(2 sessions) (8 sessions)
The Kingdoms The Power of God & Prayer
(4 sessions) (4 sessions)
The Bible The Power of God & Suffering
(6 sessions) (4 sessions)
Jew & Gentile The Power of God
(6 sessions) (2 sessions)
Godliness Our Identity in Christ
(4 sessions) (10 sessions)
Our Ambassadorship The Dispensation of Grace
(8 sessions) (2 sessions)
The Blessed Hope
(2 sessions)

Preacher Prep Series of Studies

The following courses were originally prepared for licensed preachers working toward ordination. Preacher Prep Set #1 – Education and Edification (3 sessions – 3 ½ hrs) – $30.00 PP 1 – Breakdown of Romans/ 3 parts to Commitment to the Sonship Education PP 2 – Commitment to Edification/Effectual Working PP 3 – Edification in Israel’s …

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School of Biblical Archeology

WATCH 30-SEC PROMO NOW! Level One The Certificate in Biblical Archaeology correspondence program deals with the study of the archaeology of the Old Testament Scriptures. The purpose of this certificate program is to help students gain a fuller understanding in Bible Archaeology, to reconstruct the local color of biblical peoples & places, and to learn …

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School of Biblical Studies

Level One The School of Biblical Studies contains courses of study that mainly pertain to God’s program with Israel.  These courses will orient you to the doctrines and the books in your Bible that were written specifically to Israel, in the time of their program (in “time past”). Level 1 contains two courses of study.  …

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School of Eschatology

Level One  The School of Eschatology contains a survey study of the book of Revelation and portions of the book of Daniel. Level 1 contains 1 course of study.  We suggest that you follow the order of the Levels within each school and the order of the courses within each level. These courses address the …

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School of Theology Level 1

Level One The School of Theology contains courses of study that are foundational to a proper understanding of scripture.  These courses will orient you to the doctrines and the books in your Bible that were written specifically to you and about you as a member of the “church, the body of Christ.” Level 1 contains …

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