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Millennium Bible Institute
P.O. Box 305
Imperial, TX 79743
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Cross Branch Fellowship:
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Fort Worth Study Group:
Sundays 10:30 am
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  1. don

    How do I purchase the class notes for Part One: Our Justification?

    Thank you, Lord Bless you, Don

  2. Jerry Weinhausen

    I just finished watching the Bible versions/Defending the King James Bible video on YouTube. Much of this I knew but I genuinely appreciate Mr. McDaniel’s tempered tone throughout. So much of what I read and hear defending the KJV is so full of invective which I find unbecoming of a believer. I attend a Non-Denominational Bible College that does not use the KJV exclusively so this site is a breath of fresh air. Periodically students who ask me why I use the KJV when there are easier to read texts. I try to answer kindly that the KJV is the best of all of them and its easiest to memorize. Now I have somewhere to direct them if they ask again.

    I haven’t quite figured out if MBI is meant to replace a Bible College education. Also, do you also teach homiletics?

    Thank you for your consideration,


  3. Valeria Ashley

    I have been trying to get in touch with the person handling the products that lives in Oregon . I lost her number and had began to pay for some products can someone please help me I am starting chapter 8:15 and I really need my notes to study my number is 713 307 2869

    Thanks valeria ashley

  4. graceage_wpinst

    Hi Ashley,
    Please email De at talktombi@gmail.com and she will give you a good phone number to reach her.

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