Nov 03

COMING SOON! JUDGING ANGELS Everything You Don’t Know About Angels

Did you know that God wants to educate us here and now to someday work with and direct angels?  Learn how as God has already placed this in his word and given us  a curriculum that will train and educate us to do that very thing!  Most of what we know about angels is incorrect. This book will show the way angels interact and operate today, which is very different from the way they did in the old testament and will in the tribulation. Know what to do if you have an experience with an angel. And finally, learn how we as believers today are supposed to impact the angelic realm.

This book is still in production; watch for upcoming announcements on its publishing date!


Oct 16

Welcome! Attendees of The Proof of God Conference

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Oct 15

MBI on EPIC Voyages Radio

EPIC Voyages Radio Showcases Aaron Judkins & Michael McDaniel’s Exposé on the Alien Agenda Code and the Return of The Nephilim

EPIC Voyages Radio’s Dr. Laurel B. Tague unfolds authors Dr. Aaron Judkins and Dr. Michael McDaniel strife to decipher the enigmatic Alien agenda code and strengthen their theory of the Return of the Nephilim.



Aug 22

FREE Studies Available Now!

The MBI sister website now has streaming videos and audio available for our studies on Justification, Sanctification, Sonship Orientation, Sonship Establishment, and now the Romans Education. If you have difficulty viewing the video in our players, try, as an alternate. To access these free sessions, just go to the website and click the “teaching” tab. You will be offered a choice of audio or video. Best of all, it’s FREE!
If you’d rather own DVD copies of the studies, they are available for purchase from Millennium Bible Institute – PO BOX 305 – Imperial, TX 79743 or call us at  1-888-605-3202. The cost of Justification, 44 sessions on 22 DVDs is $220 plus shipping; Sanctification, 46 sessions on 23 DVDs is $230 plus shipping; Sonship Orientation, 122 sessions on 61 DVDs, is $610 plus shipping, or can be purchased in sets of 20 sessions (10 DVDs), with each set costing $100, plus shipping; Sonship Establishment#1, 56 sessions on 28 DVDs, $280 plus shipping; Sonship Establishment#2, 12 sessions on 6 DVDs, $60 plus shipping; Sonship Establishment#3, 34 sessions on 17 DVDs, $170 plus shipping; Sonship Establishment#4, 22 sessions on 11 DVDs, $110 plus shipping.

Aug 19

NEW Book: Alien Agenda

There is a strange phenomenon that has been occurring on our planet throughout history. Yes, I’m talking about UFO’s. I know what you’re thinking. “We’ve heard all there is to hear regarding the UFO phenomenon.” But have you really? You may be surprised to learn what you don’t know.

In their pivotal book, Alien Agenda: The Return of the Nephilim, A.S. Judkins and Michael McDaniel address such issues as:

• UFO’s: Fact or Fiction?
• Are they natural or supernatural?
• The Mystery of the Sphinx
• Cherubim & Winged Serpents
• Giants
• Star Gates
• Alien Abductions
• Forbidden History
• The Four Great Questions of LifeToday, there has been a paradigm shift to the belief in cosmic evolution. Is there life out there? If so, how will that change the world? Will we see the return of the Nephilim? What is the evolution connection?

This is not just another book on UFO’s. It answers a very critical question. Why are they here? What is their intent? After this read, you will gain a clear understanding from behind the scenes of the UFO phenomenon and the Alien Agenda.

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or online: ORDER NOW!

Jun 27

Welcome to MBI Studies

Millennium Bible Institute was founded as an initiative to increase Christian godliness through the edification process that is governed by the Holy Spirit. Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.  2 Timothy 2:15