Nov 03

COMING SOON! JUDGING ANGELS Everything You Don’t Know About Angels

Did you know that God wants to educate us here and now to someday work with and direct angels?  Learn how as God has already placed this in his word and given us  a curriculum that will train and educate us to do that very thing!  Most of what we know about angels is incorrect. This book will show the way angels interact and operate today, which is very different from the way they did in the old testament and will in the tribulation. Know what to do if you have an experience with an angel. And finally, learn how we as believers today are supposed to impact the angelic realm.

This book is still in production; watch for upcoming announcements on its publishing date!



  1. Elaine Rubenzer

    I would like to preorder a copy of this book
    and the alien book that is in the making…

    I will need to send a check so please give me a total with shipping
    and a date that the books will be ready/

    I also would like some DVDs…I have been through Bible Institute studies so I do know
    the plan for Israel and for the church the body of Christ.. also have heard some on judging angels but
    would like to know what you teach on it/
    I just don’t know what dvds I would like to have yet/

  2. nola

    It would be good if these books were available on kindle.

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