Aug 22

FREE Studies Available Now!

The MBI sister website www.graceage.org now has streaming videos and audio available for our studies on Justification, Sanctification, Sonship Orientation, Sonship Establishment, and now the Romans Education. If you have difficulty viewing the video in our players, try http://graceage.org/video_iphone.html, as an alternate. To access these free sessions, just go to the website and click the “teaching” tab. You will be offered a choice of audio or video. Best of all, it’s FREE!
If you’d rather own DVD copies of the studies, they are available for purchase from Millennium Bible Institute – PO BOX 305 – Imperial, TX 79743 or call us at  1-888-605-3202. The cost of Justification, 44 sessions on 22 DVDs is $220 plus shipping; Sanctification, 46 sessions on 23 DVDs is $230 plus shipping; Sonship Orientation, 122 sessions on 61 DVDs, is $610 plus shipping, or can be purchased in sets of 20 sessions (10 DVDs), with each set costing $100, plus shipping; Sonship Establishment#1, 56 sessions on 28 DVDs, $280 plus shipping; Sonship Establishment#2, 12 sessions on 6 DVDs, $60 plus shipping; Sonship Establishment#3, 34 sessions on 17 DVDs, $170 plus shipping; Sonship Establishment#4, 22 sessions on 11 DVDs, $110 plus shipping.

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