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Rightly Dividing the Word

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Crucial to a clear understanding of the Bible and foundational to all the teaching found at MBI is the concept of “Rightly Dividing the Word.” Before beginning any of the studies, we highly recommend becoming familiar with this concept by watching the introductory video below. For a more in-depth understanding, you can order the Mike McDaniel book, “Rightly Dividing the Word,” or the corresponding 8-part study on CD or DVD by calling

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Want to view more FREE video studies and see our introduction to this course on our sister website visit www.graceage.org 
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  1. Randal Hartman


  2. Molly Pratt

    I agree, this is well done, thanks for this blog.

  3. De

    Well, y’all know how I feel about this sonship curriculum. Its the best thing EVER! It has been the quintessential topping of my JUEL and SUFL – I really do WALK in NEWNESS of LIFE… Praise the Lord for men who have the aptitude to teach such as brother Mike McD. We love McD and appreciate his ministry in West Texas and on the www.

  4. Molly

    I’m in agreement with De, we’re fortunate to have dedicated men to lead us through the passages of scripture.
    I never want to stop saying Thank you, and God bless Mike his family ,and all the friends in the body of Christ.

  5. Nicole

    Loving the videos. Is there a link to BIble Fellowship Church in Manahans, TX where there is weekly sermons that I can get hooked up with? I am not finding a website.

  6. graceage_wpinst

    In response to your question, the videos which you see online are the studies that are being conducted at Bible Fellowship Church. We do have quite a number of additional studies which are available from Millennium Bible Institute. If you would like to have a catalog of all the studies available, please email us your name and address and request a catalog. We would be happy to mail one out to you at no charge. You can email your request to: mbipresident@windstream.net
    Thank you for your interest in MBI and we hope to be of further assistance to you.
    Billie McDaniel,
    Production Manager

  7. Sheila Guiry

    I would like to sign up for the Newsletter by E Mail. If this is not the place to sign up for the Newsletter, could you please tell me where I should do this. Many Thanks for Everything.

  8. Rick Davis

    Send your email to
    rdavis_7243@yahoo.com for inclusion on the MBI newsletter list

    Rick Davis

  9. Jeff Cook

    I wish to sign up for the MBI Newsletter. Thanks.


    Jeff Cook

  10. Brenda Lewis

    Hello I have been given this web site and I have the book Rightly Dividing the Word and I am also following the
    lessons on Justification and the ones to follow. I printed out the notes on Dispensation of Grace. Are there any notes to follow on the lessons of Justification. I am very interested.

    Thank You

  11. nola

    I can thank you enough for posting all these much needed dispensational teachings on youtube. Thank you so much and God bless you.

  12. Wanda Avila

    I would like to sign up for MBI Newsletter. Thank you so much.

  13. Russ & Linda Mohrman

    Just discovered your site.
    I have been a L.S. Chaffer “Grace the Glorious Theme” Acts 2+ Dispenstionalist since the early 80s but a Mid-Acts Pauline Right Divider for about 8 Years My wife for about 2 years. After reading “Things that Differ” by CS Stam. The missing pieces were added to the Puzzle and I can’t get enough of this message. I feel like a level 2+ and enjoy sharing the message of reconciliation to as many as l find open. Mainly personal derived Tract dispensing. I have discovered many websites and have enjoyed all of them (MP3 archives) online ministries. I am always looking for good Intro teachings to recommend to others. Now I will be adding yours to one of my favorites. Thank you for you ministry as well.
    As Dr. Howard Hendrix would say: “May your Tribe – Increase”
    Time is short I feel.
    “Perhaps Today he will catch us up”

    Brother Russ Mohrman 58

    Eph 3:9b “…..and to make all men see what is the Fellowship of the Mystery”

  14. Tammy Gerike

    I would like the MBI newsletter and also if you could send me the catalog of all your studies. thank you Tammy Gerike
    307 W. Brown Street
    Augusta, WI.54722

  15. EIleen

    I can’t thank you enough! The church I was in, I come to see all the false teachings. For 2 yrs. I was confused and not understanding the bible. I was ready to give it all up until, I came across your site in “Rightly Dividing The Word” & “Timeline” Thank you for your free introductions, even my husband listens & that’s a MIRACLE! I’m interested in your MBI newsletter. May the Lord continue to bless you!

  16. Rick Davis

    For all of you who wish to be placed on the MBI Newsletter list please email me at rdavis_7243@yahoo.com

  17. Terry Jackson Sr.

    Finally, another real chosen man of God who knows what the Bible is really teaching/saying in the Dispensation of Grace. Right Division, is the ONLY WAY for us to fully understand and to reap all the benefits as to what God is dispensing in this dispensation. Thank God For, Dr. M.E. McDaniel.

    Pastor/Teacher Terry Jackson Sr.
    6286 Northwoods Glenn Drive
    Parker, CO 80134

  18. Molly

    Hello friends and brethren, we’re going strong in our little Skype group.
    We’re flying high and loving every day we’re together which is 6 days a week, some days there are two or three sessions going to help the newer ones with their studies.
    John is a very good teacher, we do follow along with brother Mike in his videos.
    Never give up, keep going with your studies no matter what stumbling bock is put in your way. Eternity is such a long time, this life just comes and goes in a vapor.

  19. Molly

    Hello brother Terry,
    It’s so great to know there are others out there that know, and study the word as it should be studied.
    We are few in size, but a mighty lot when it comes to rightly dividing the Word of truth.
    Brother Mike is an asset to us that are scattered far and wide.
    We have people from other countries listening to his audios, and watching his videos.

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